Friday, 4 January 2019

Dear Friends,

we wish you warmth in the winter cold,
rest in turbulent days,
balance when we are out of balance,
fantasy to break the rut,
humor at difficult times and
color to see the sun every day.


theme of the month

The theme of the month January is Professional Service. Read more about this toppic.


During the month of December we had a lot of interesting meetings and you should definitely read these reports. We had our wonderful Sinterklaas action at OLO in Brasschaat on December 6th, our trip to Dusseldorf to meet our friend Alex and our traditional (or not so traditional) Christmas dinner on December 20th. In both cases, the photos are worthwhile.

But also in January a variety of exciting activities are planned. For example, there is the New Year's reception of the Rotary Clubs in Antwerp on January 10th, the professional action in which our club participates actively on January 24th and our dinner meeting a week later on January 31th. There is something for everyone. Please register in time for each of the activities on Harmony.

Do not forget to note allready some activities for the month of February: on Saturday February 2th we all organize the winter barbecue in the Ark in Laken, the romantics are expected at the Valentine's dinner on February 14th and if they have some energy left , the sportive of us can indulge themselves during the bowling night on February 21st. And of course there will also be a dinner meeting on Thursday February 28th.

If this is not an attractive program? So take all your stylo and write this data in your diary without delay. As tradition has it, 2019 will be another exciting year for Rotary Club Antwerp.International!

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