Monthly Dinner Meeting

donderdag 25 oktober 2018 20:00 - 23:00, Salons Van Edel


  • Presences: Gunther De Bock, Edwige De Smet, Ilse De Souter, Annemie Goyvaerts, Isabelle Jacobs, Eric Jonkers, Nicolette Kluwer, Ian Stanley, Gladys Ten Brink and Isabelle Verhaert.
  • Guests: Anita Stormezand, Pieter Turck, Daniëlle Van Gindertaelen, Daniëlle Jonkers, Miquel Torres IOliver, Olaf Nagels
  • Report:
    • Our president couldn't be present and to replace him, Annemie took the honours.
    • She welcomed the numerous guests.
    • During a small official part where all guests were asked to leave the meeting, a vote was taken on the acceptance of our new member Anita Stormezand. All those present and the 5 members who could not attend but gave a proxy, approved the proposal. Anita is then welcomed with applause in the club and will officially receive her Rotary pin at the next dinner meeting on 22 November. Let's all be present!
    • Registration for the Haloween Party at Gladys on November 6 is urgent. Please arrange as soon as possible.
    • We are also hoping for a great interest from the members in selling our candles for our fund raising. We count on all members!
    • On November 26, tomorrow, the very first Rotary Ball will pass in the Ruiterhal. We are still looking for volunteers to prepare the room. During the evening our club will be responsible for the bar.
    • After a nice meal everyone left the Salons Van Edel in time, given the busy program of a day later.


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