Halloween House Party

donderdag 8 november 2018 19:30 - 23:00, Gladys Ten Brink, Gerstelaan 11 2520 Ranst

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  • Dress Code: Haloween or Black
  • Food will be served to the living
  • Partners and / or Dragons are welcome
  • Please RSVP

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The search for the event in the darkness of the night, where the colors of Halloween dominated, did not go as easy for everyone. Deep in the countryside of Ranst, hidden behind innumerable scary corners and snappy edges, between the houses in which undoubtedly also very obscure figures were living, the house was hiding where the party would continue with our obscure circle. Everyone reached the place where our meeting would continue without physical injuries. The moon shone through the clouds, a faint wind blew through the trees, witches, vampires and spirits gathered for their annual reunion ...

The hostess for the evening, Gladys, had taken care of all the details: spiders everywhere, a witch who guarded the entrance to the living room and skulls on the table to stay in the Halloween atmosphere during dinner. The meal was also adjusted: we got to eat rat (atouille) and afterwards delicious pastries. The guests had adapted to Halloween by dressing up for the event and letting them grimm (thanks to Isabelle). One was already more recognizable than the other and not everyone was convinced that only familiar faces were present at the private party.

Deep in the night, when the wolves were crying in the distance, and all ordinary mortals were anxiously in their beds under the sheets, all the members of this obscure association, left for their shelter.

A very successful evening with many thanks to our hostess Gladys.


  • Presences: Edwige De Smet, Ilse De Souter, Annemie Goyvaerts, Isabelle Jacobs, Eric Jonkers, Nicolette Kluwer, Ian Stanley, Gladys Ten Brink, Erna Van de Kelft and Johan Wellens.
  • Guests: Daniëlle Jonkers, Tamara Van Genechten, Miquel Torres IOliver and Erik Robyn

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