Work Meeting: 2 scholarship demands

donderdag 4 oktober 2018 20:00 - 22:00, Ramada


  • Rotary Foundation Scholarships: 2 candidates will present themselves
  • Fund Raising: candles
  • Rotary Antwerp Ball (26.10.2018)
  • Agenda for upcomming weeks



Ilse De Souter, Isabelle Jacobs, Eric Jonkers, Ian Stanley, Johan Wellens


Anita Stormezand, Christophe Van Dijck, Sam Niyonzima 


Two candidate fellows presented themselves during the meeting. Christophe Van Dijck would like to study in Rotterdam about viruses and would seek an intervention to pay for his stay in Rotterdam. Since he is already leaving in March, he can no longer qualify for a scholarship from the Rotary Foundation. In order to help him with accommodation through local Rotarians, Isabelle will contact the Rotary Club of Rotterdam. Ilse will pass on the coordinates of the Albertus Magnus foundation.

Sam Niyonzima wants to apply for a scholarship to be able to continue his law studies at the University of New York (NYU) after his studies in Antwerp. The opportunity to get in touch with people from different cultures in the Big Apple, has made him choose this location. In his own words, the total costs for his studies would exceed EUR 100,000. After an internal discussion with the members, we have taken the decision not to hold this candidacy because Rotary could only finance a small part of the total costs and that the candidate has few realistic wishes.

Afterwards we discussed the sale of our Rotary candles. The sales price per candle is 35 EUR. On 8 December, thanks to Ilse and Ian, we could sell the candles during the Christmas market in the International School. On Saturday 1 December or Sunday 2 December (depending on the weather) we could sell the candles at Tom & Co in Knokke between 11 and 17 hours. For this we would need 3 teams of 2 people. On Friday evening, November 31 during the late opening of the Delhaize South, we could also place a stand for the sale. Johan contacts the manager to arrange this. Also for this, we will need some teams. We will also visit the various Antwerp Rotary Clubs in the week of 18 October. For this Isabelle will work out a text that will transform Eric into a flyer that we can distribute. A list of volunteers will be drawn up for each of these activities.

Finally, we have gone through the agenda until the end of the year. On 22 November, we would invite Prof. Criekemans from the University of Antwerp to speak about International politics, a subject that is more current than ever. On December 6th we would then play Sinterklaas for the children in Brasschaat. On Thursday 20 December we will have our end of year dinner and on 27/12 we will not hold a meeting.


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