Sinterklaas - Brasschaat

donderdag 6 december 2018 20:00 - 22:00, Brasschaat, Miksebaan 264

Rotary Club Antwerp.International wants to give a 'Sinterklaas' support for the children of Openluchtopvoeding vzw (OLO) in Brasschaat. You can participate by being there on December 6th.


OLO vzw is a social enterprise, with a range of services and assistance and activities in various welfare sectors. We are active throughout the province of Antwerp.

In general, we are a center that supports and guides 650 children, young people and their families with very different needs, ranging from little intensive home to very intensive residential. We also offer special education and inclusive childcare.

We also support 350 adults with a disability. Here, too, we offer mobile support, day guidance and residential accommodation.

Vision and mission

Our work and our daily actions and decisions are strongly determined by our vision. How we look at things has a lot of influence on what we do and say. A number of norms, values and convictions form the basis of how we deal with clients, their families or the environment, and with each other.

Together with our clients and students (and their environment), we strive for more quality of life in all areas of their lives. Their question directs our actions. We want them to be able to develop and have a grip on their situation.

We are working on an inclusive society in which people with disabilities or socially vulnerable people can naturally be a full-fledged citizen and actively participate in social life.

We respond to social needs in a constantly changing environment. We are committed to innovation and collaboration.

What do they need?

  • Playstation with both boys and girls games (football, singing)
  • Ball and ball pump
  • Football goats that we can fold
  • Nail polish and manicure things (we have 'real' girl girls in the group)
  • a shower radio
  • Shovel for in the sandbox
  • Lego men
  • Activity to do with the group (cinema, amusement park)
  • Drinkers that do not leak 



Gunther, Edwige, Annemie, Isabelle, Eric, Gladys, Johan


Like a good Sinterklaas, our Sinterklaas (Gunther) also had some delay. But eventually he came along with his Zwarte Piet (Isabelle). The tension was to be cut with the children. But when they both came in, the joy was all around. Zwarte Piet scattered sweets all over the place to the children, while Sinterklaas greeted the children as an accomplished candidate pope.

One by one they were called forward and Sinterklaas read from his thick and dusty book. It will surprise you, but all children were behaved well and they all got a present that they were allowed to open together afterwards. They also received ginger cookies from Zwarte Piet and mandarines. Zwarte Piet was obviously very happy and danced all around the room. Then the big gift was still to come: a Play Station 4 for the benefit of OLO. Needless to say that all children were wonderfully happy. But one of the people present had to go in the bag of Sinterklaas as you will notice on the last picture. Whoever that is, remains strictly among us ...

Afterwards we went with the group to eat a bit in the Pastorie in Brasschaat. Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet had 'forgotten' to change clothes, and had a lot of success in the tavern because several people wanted to take a photo with them. For Sinterklaas it was a bit more difficult to eat, but after verifying that all good children had left the tavern and had already been home for a long time, he was able to get rid of his beard and miter and it went much easier. Needless to say that this also caused the necessary hillarity.

Thank you dear Sint Gunter, thank you Zwarte Isabelle, for the wonderful rendition that the young people of OLO have enjoyed tremendously.

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