Christmas dinner meeting

donderdag 20 december 2018 20:00 - 22:00, Salons Van Edel


Anita, Annemie, Daniëlle, Daniëlle, Edwige, Eric, Erna, Gladys, Gunter, Ian, Ilse, Isbelle, Johan, Pieter, Tamara


Our traditional Christmas dinner with presents did not go from the beginning in the quiet way everyone had expected. At the aperitif everyone had to draw a card from a deck of cards without any explanation.

But after the starter it became clear: it would not be a calm evening for those present. In order to determine who was first allowed to choose his package, each in turns of the drawn card had to tie a banana to a rope around his waist and try to put as quick as possible in a pot by only bending through the knees. To make it more difficult, 2 others had to swing an orange back and forth in an attempt to hit the banana so that it would not end up in the pot. For this assignment, one seemed more suitable than the other. Ilse won the game, while Pieter and Eric will need a lot more practice. Unnecessary to say how hilarious the reactions were from the other members who had never seen their friends make such strange movements in any meeting before.

After the dessert it went a lot quieter when unpacking the presents. And around 11 o'clock we all went home satisfied: we had a nice dinner, we got a package and we had a good laugh. Again.

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