Beatles and Queen in Symphony

donderdag 29 november 2018 20:00 - 22:00, De Singel, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen

European Philharmonia directed by Walter Proost plays the best of The Beatles & Queen with 130 musicians and choir members.


Back after a sold out concert in 2010! The Best of The Beatles & Queen brought by 130 musicians and choir members.

Immerse yourself in the greatest works of the legends "The Beatles" and "Queen", where all of their greatest hits were edited in a symphonic suite and played on this occasion by more than 130 musicians and choir members. This production led to sold-out halls. This again promises to be a magical spectacle.




  • Edwige De Smet, Ilse De Souter, Annemie Goyvaerts, Isabelle Jacobs (2), Eric Jonkers (2), Nicolette Kluwer, Ian Stanley, Anita Stormezand (2), Gladys Ten Brink, Erna Van Kelft, Johan Wellens (2)


  • Orchestre: European Philharmonia
  • Director: Walter Proost
  • Editors: Roberto Molinelli and Jelle Tassyns



  • Let it Be - A Beatles Collection:
    • All You Need is Love
    • Girl - Hey Jude
    • Let it Be
    • Eleonor Rigby
    • Imagine
    • Obladi Oblada
    • Michelle
    • Yellow Submarine
    • Yesterday
    • Hard Day's Night
  • The Show must Go On - A Queen Symphony
    • Flash
    • Play the Game
    • We are the Champions
    • Don't Stop Me Now
    • Love of My Life
    • Under Pressure
    • Bohemina Rapsody
    • We Will Rock You
    • Flash Reprise

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