Barbecue Event

zaterdag 2 februari 2019 10:00 - 17:00, De Ark, Verdunstraat 521, 1130 Brussel


Gunter, Ilse, Annemie, Eric & Daniëlle, Nicolette, Anita & Pieter, Gladys, Erna, Olaf & Ward, Johan.

The venue

The winter BBQ at the Ark is nearly there…

+-150 people of the Ark are enrolled.

The following members will be present: Ilse, Erna, Gunther, Gladys, Anita, Isabelle (Olaf), Nicolette, Eric, Johan and Annemie. 

 We'll start at 1 PM, so we need everyone to be present at 11.45 AM.

Address : The Ark, Verdunstraat 521, 1130 Brussel.

We ordered the BBQ’s again at Schoeters Rental, and Erna succeeded again in receiving a 50% discount. Thank you Erna!

Johan and I will as usual take care of picking up of the BBQ’s, the meat, sauces, drinks, etc., and other global preparations.  We’ll also take care of the carrots and potato salad.

The other tasks we divided as follows (if not possible please let us know asap):

  • Ilse : 15 Moroccan breads
  • Erna:100 boiled eggs  
  • Gladys : 3 kg tomatoes 
  • Gunther : 3 kg tomatoes
  • Anita : 10 pieces of lettuce (iceberg)
  • Eric: a pasta dish
  • Nicolette : 12 cucumbers
  • Olaf : a rice dish (if possible)


May I please ask you to prepare the vegetables at home (since there’s no time nor sufficient utilities to do it there) and to place them in a bowl that can be used at the buffet.

If anyone needs further help, please let us know!

Thank you all for your help, and let’s make it happen again !!

Not less than 160 people came to 'The Ark' to celebrate the winter barbecue in Haren. 

What is 'DE ARK'?

Since Brussels did not provide sufficient reception for Dutch-speaking children and young people in special education, three schools in Brussels applied for the establishment of a small-scale Dutch-speaking boarding school.

VZW 'De Ark te Laken' (De Ark) started on 1 September 1986 with the boarding school.
Sensitive to the needs within the care for the disabled in Brussels, De Ark applied in the early nineties for the establishment of a day center and a home for the unemployed.

The day center started on 1 October 1993 as the first Dutch-language day center in the Brussels-Capital Region. The home for non-working people started on 8 November 1993.

More information

Everyone is supposed to make a part of the buffet with salads. More information will follow.

See also our 2018 action for "The Ark".

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