Jeroen Walravens: 'How You Can Accomplish the Impossible

donderdag 13 juni 2019 20:00 - 22:00, Da Vinci International School, Verbondstraat 67, 2000 Antwerpen

Friends and people that are interested are invited.


  • 19:00 h.: Bar is open
  • 20:00 h.: Speech
  • 21:00 h.: Bar is open


Come and listen to his storry:

"I can't do it anymore!

When I woke up after a month long coma, everything suddenly became a huge challenge. Brushing teeth, dressing, reading, even the most mundane actions required masses of focused focus and energy. The cynical fate wants focused concentration after a brain injury to be very much in short supply.

I often did not succeed in generating the phenomenal amount of energy that was needed to "do what I have to do". I was no longer able to "play the game". Before that I did what was necessary. I made sure that I met expectations, while I did not care about my human development. But in this new reality, it could no longer be ignored.

In the years that followed I learned from the hard (and long) school of life that I could no longer afford the strictly necessary, unless I was 100% behind it. Unless it is a lived-through, authentic expression of who I am or brought me a step closer, I was hopelessly stuck with the countless practical and logistical challenges. It took me years to reconcile myself with this. The mission chose me and did not let itself be guided. It would take me years before I was ready.

This is why, after my rehabilitation, I fought for years, in vain, to get a traditional diploma, "as it should be". Why I later got completely stuck in frustration because I did not succeed at 12 o'clock (or 10, 8 ... here my frankness stops) obsessively by working as a possessed person, to "make money" with less than 100% integrity, because of that to follow up with overstimulation and damaging my mind and body with "entertainment", "parties" or other things that take us further from our authentic self.

Faced with a major challenge, it is a strong sense of purpose that enables us to generate the energy to find creative solutions. In the absence of this we will run on reserve and eventually we will stop. It was the same for me when I started the awesome task of building a life after a serious traumatic brain injury. The correct motives are not imposed externally. No company car, storage or bedding have the power to keep you in the game when things get really difficult.

I sometimes curse it, but the sometimes long and hard way to your authentic self is the only right one."

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