Summer meetings

donderdag 11 juli 2019

During the summer, we meet together with friends from other Rotary Clubs. Every year there is an annual theme. This year's theme is 'well-known Antwerp people'.

Below you can find the list of activities:

  • Wo 10/07/2019- 18.00 u:  Gilbert van Schoonbeke  Rc Antwerpen-Oost en Rc Antwerpen-West
  • Do 18/07/2019- 10.00 u:  De familie Ruckers  Rc Antwerpen-Noord en Rc Antwerpen-Zuid
  • Do 25/07/2019- 18:00 u:  Paul Van Ostaijen  Rc Antwerpen Minerva en Rc Wilrijk-Terbeke
  • Do 22/08/2019- 18.00 u:  Kiekeboe-Merho  Rc Antwerp.International en Rc Antw-Metropool


You can only register via the site of the summer meetings.