woensdag 31 oktober 2018

A month passes quickly. For example, during this month, 2 candidates visited our club for a scholarship abroad. We decided not to support the person who wanted to go to New York, but the one who wanted to study in Rotterdam, we will help to find a place to stay. On October 18, a number of members visited a few other Rotary Clubs in Antwerp to propose them to sell a portion of our candles. On the 25th of October we had our monthly dinner meeting where we were very happy this time that Isabelle and Olaf were visiting us and that we had many guests. And finally there was the very first Rotary ball on the 26th of October in the Ruiterhal in Brasschaat that proved to be a bigger success that was initially feared and that we should definitely repeat next year.

In November it may be a little quieter. Although? On the 8th of November we are invited to Gladys' place for the Halloween Party and everyone is asked to come to her dressed up for Halloween or at least in black. According to 'habituees' we can expect something ... In addition to the traditional work meetings on 15 and 29 November, we have a delicious dinner meeting on 22 November. During this dinner Anita will be solemnly accepted as a member during a small ceremony and we can listen to Professor Criekemans from the University of Antwerp who will tell us about "Europe in the midst of a world in full geopolitical transition". In view of all political shifts in the European landscape, it will be without any doubt a very interesting explanation. Hopefully you will also attend the dinner.

And December will be another busy month with different activities like our 'Sinterklaas' party on 6 December. If you want to know more, check out our agenda now.

Let's also not forget that for Rotary November is a very important month. This month theme is the Rotary Foundation.